If you are visiting Dubai, lying on the sandy beaches, parks, shopping malls, and resorts are not the only options to spend your time. For a perfect setup yacht rental Dubai Marina allows you to get a remarkable yachting experience with your friends and family. You don’t have to be a marine sportsman; all you have to do is book a yacht/ speed yacht and spend your day feeling the adrenaline rush while riding on the sea waves. A relaxing trip onboard makes your yachting experience more joyful. Enjoy the spectacular view of Dubai Marina and modern megapolis on a while splashing yacht.

We all know, that Dubai is one of the best places for all kinds of leisure activities. The city allows you to gaze upon the stunning skyline of the city from the calm Gulf waters. In terms of weather conditions, Dubai is significantly made for a sea trip experience as its 360 sunny with only 5 rainy days a year making this city the best place for a yacht cruise.

Destination – Dubai Marina

No doubt, you can find a couple of world’s top piers in Dubai, however the most luxurious as well as most famous of them all is, Dubai Marina. You’ll be surprised to know that Dubai Marina is capable to accommodate up to 600 boats at a time. Here you learn a thing or two about a marine craft, renting a yacht for a cruise or a fishing trip. Aboard most of the boats comes with a crew of experienced staff in order to help you out with everything you might need. There is a great need to know that Dubai Marina is not just a pier, it comprises a whole city district.

Before you board a sparkling boat, you can spend your time in shopping in the famous Marina Mall. Dine in a Michelin restaurant or troll through an avenue covered with fountains while staring the most popular Cayan Tower- also called as Infinity Tower. After that, you can also experience the stunning Marina skyline from a unique perspective while cruising. The feeling of miraculous views and a freedom of Dubai is the greatest memories you will bring back home. The classic routes are significantly designed to last just few hours. So, you have enough time to get back to your hotel after a memorable sea trip.

Cruising trips for 2 – 3 hours

We strongly suggest you to design your future trip in advance. In this way, you can easily spend all your time on board admiring the stunning views. Find out all the landmarks you would like to look at. However, there is a great need to know that some famous landmarks required special permission.

Places such as Palm Jumeirah – the man-made island is located in the very heart of Gulf. The island is built in a shape of a palm tree is surrounded by a crescent. If you want to book a yacht for few hours, it would be enough to look at almost all the landmarks on Palm Jumeirah and there’s no chance to miss The Atlantis – the place very famous for its fireworks along with its signature bridge in between two buildings.

However, a little bit to the left of Palm Jumeirah is iconic Burj Al Arab, build in a shape of old kind of a boat. It is fascinating to know that Burj Al Arab is the world’s most famous “7-star hotel” build on an artificial island as well as 280 meters into the sea. Continuing along the coast and get back to Dubai Marina.

Sea trips for a day

If you want to spend more time on board, you can extend the time of your journey up to 4 to 5hours. Once you have seen Atlantis the Palm, instead of continuing to Burj Al Arab, you can head right to World Islands. Worlds Island is the biggest artificial archipelago in the world along with a complex of 303 islands. From there, head straight to Hamdan island. For your information, Hamdan Island is a signature spot known for a casual swim in the waters of the Gulf. However, after enjoying, set your course to Burj Al Arab, as well as continue the trip along the coast.

Furthermore, if you want something different, there is also an option to enter Dubai Creek via Port Rashid. It’s a famous Dubai artery diving the city into new and old parts. If you choose this route, you’ll see the fishermen’s huts from the past. But the most important thing you must consider it, that this spot requires special permission. So, plan your route accordingly.

Moreover, if you want to spend around 7 to 9 hours on board, choices are limitless because you’ll have to see even more. Before entering Port Rashid, sail Jumeirah Beach as well as past Jumeirah Beach Hotel Marina. Jumeirah beach is very famous for its white sand. Definitely, you’ll never lose the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa out of your sight. Along with this, there is another option which is Al Fahidi fortress. It’s the signature landmark of the old Dubai and it’s also a great spot for a late evening dinner.

Extended trips

Cruising in Dubai seas allows you get a remarkable experience and you can admire this beauty for couple of days also. All you have to do is rent a yacht in terms of an extended trip. Along with exploring Dubai, set your course towards Emirates as well as other countries. Once you get permission of Abu Dhabi aquarium, you have the best way to visit the biggest Emirate in the country. Enjoy the crystal-clear water, majestic views, bright sunshine, sandy beaches, and numerous islands.

A crystal-clear water allows you see deep down below to spot fish and turtles. The capital is home for architectural wonders and lush parks.  Abu Dhabi is the greenest Emirate in the country. If you to go in this direction, see another Palm named as Palm Jebel Ali. Moreover, eight sandy artificial islands are found not far from the biggest man-made harbor.

If you choose an extended trip, visiting a couple of Emirates in a single day can also be considered as an option. Right next to Dubai, is Sharjah– the oldest Emirates. Sharjah is the home to numerous mosques as well as for its theme parks, bazaars, and architecture. One of the most popular buildings in the emirate is Etisalat Tower.

Further to the north, there’s Ras Al Khaima famous for its beaches and architecture. Here you find old fortified buildings, towers as well as military forts. It is suggested you to come to an anchor near an old fishing town called as Dibba. Dibba is considered to be one of the best places for a diving experience.

You can even cross the border to Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait, having a common border with the United Arab Emirates. Let your captain know in advance –obviously there is need of special permit to cross the border.

Hence, yachting in Dubai is one of the amazing experiences, that can be easily tailored in order to meet most specific requirements. In Dubai, it is definitely something that everybody should try for themselves.

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