How can I choose the right yacht for me?

We have different kinds of yachts you can choose from. Decide yacht of your choice as per your number of guests and other requirements and send us request proposal.

How do I book a yacht on Gold Crest?

It is very easy to book a yacht with us. You can choose a yacht of your choice. You can send us your inquiry via an online process or through a call. Your reservation request will be sent to one of our yacht specialists who will then confirm yacht’s availability. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be asked to enter payment details.

Should I do advance booking?

Booking ahead is always ideal. During the peak season from October to early May, we recommend you to book at least two weeks earlier. Let us know your all requirements so we can prepare a great trip for you.

Do I need to carry my ID Card during my fishing trip?

Yes, you must carry your identity proof with you in the form of identity card or password during the trip.

How safe are your cruising yachts?

All our cruising yachts undergo regular preventive and predictive maintenance. Our all yachts are completely safe and secured. All the amenities and other systems onboard are calibrated and fire and safety equipment are checked for validity.

Are babies welcome on yachts?

Yes, minors under 2 years are permitted but must remain within cabin area accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 9 are required to wear life jackets throughout the cruising.

Is there any specific dress code for cruising trip?

Casual wear, swimwear or beach wear is preferred onboard. We recommend you to dress as per the occasion. If you are cruising for fishing, you should carry scarves or sweaters to battle with the cold winds.

Which yachts are best for dinner?

If you want to enjoy the famous international buffet dinner then go for a lotus mega yacht, desert rose mega yacht, or ocean empress dhow cruise. If you want to have an intimate setting and have a personalized lotus mega yacht dinner with your family then you can book any small yacht according to the requirement.

Which yachts are suitable for fishing?

Small yachts like 33 ft or 50 ft suit best for fishing activity.

What would be the minimum time for chartering a yacht?

You can charter a yacht for a minimum of 2 hours.

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