Being in the middle of the sea is the matter of major concern when it comes to the safety and security. You don’t have to fret about safety and security when you hire a yacht from Gold Crest Yacht Rental Dubai.
All of our yachts are insured and completely equipped with all kinds of security gadgetries. We follow the best security standards and policies set by aboard coast guard. The yachts are in good conditions and technology and engineering are checked before every departure. The yachts are maintained to the best practice standards. For any kind of accidental happening or sea sickness, we have first aid medical facility onboard. All fishing gadgets, amenities and equipment are in good condition. All water vessels are equipped with life jackets.
All our captain and crew are professionals and trained. Skippers and fishermen onboard are adept and guide you about safety measures to smoothen your charter experience. The experienced captain navigates the yacht, efficiently manages the yachts and knows about different locations.
Yacht safety is maintained and managed through observance of security codes and international safety management. From yacht monitoring certification to call assistance for 24 hours, our team of yacht specialists always remain available to serve you.
Spend a memorable time aboard with complete safety and comfort. from the moment you step onboard to the moment you leave the yacht, we make sure to provide you complete safety and security.

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Goldcrest Yachts is all about exploration and collecting new memories but finding a yacht to rent is not as simple as making a reservation in a hotel. Make reservation easier by getting in touch with us.

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